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Crystal Palace To Rise Again


The front entrance of the original Crystal Palace, London, 1851

Word arrives from our man in London that not content with building replicas of little bits of Britain (and elsewhere) in China, one Chinese developer plans to build a replica of Britain’s iconic Crystal Palace on its original South London site.

Shanghai-based ZhongRong Group intends to recreate the cast iron and glass structure that was built for the Great Exhibition of 1851. At the time it was the largest glass structure in the world and a projection of Victorian Britain’s imperial and manufacturing power. The building was first located  in Hyde Park in central London. It moved three years later to what was then if no longer a semi-rural part of south London, giving its name to the area. Fire destroyed it in 1936.

The Phoenix version will be used as a cultural attraction and exhibition space. Work on the £500 million project is expected to start the year after next.

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