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Diesel Spill Halted On Yellow River

The diesel slick from a ruptured China National Petroleum Corp. pipeline near the Weihe River has been stopped downstream by floating dams on the Sanmenxia reservoir on the Yellow River. (Xinhua pictures here.) Reports from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir, 130 kilometers further downstream, say the waters are showing now signs of pollution from the spill.

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Diesel Spill Threatens Yellow River Water Supply

State media are only now reporting a large diesel spill into a tributary of the Yellow River though the accident apparently occurred in the middle of last week. Some 700 workers are said to be working to damn the Weihe River in Shaanxi to contain 150,000 gallons of the fuel that poured from a ruptured China National Petroleum Corp. pipeline into the Chishui River and thence the Weihe. Pollution in the Weihe is reported 30 kilometers down stream and locals are being advised not to use water from the river. The primary goal is to stop the spill reaching the Yellow River 70 kilometers from the spill, a source of water for millions and already, like many Chinese rivers, badly polluted by industrial waste. More than 20% of water tested in nearly 200 Chinese rivers was considered unsafe for use, according to a 2007 report by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Update: Xinhua reported Monday that the pollution had reached the Yellow River. Authorities have suspended some water supplies


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