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Another Earthquake Map And Summary Of Aid Donations

Another map of the affected area: this one from USAid, showing the how many people were exposed to shaking in each zone of intensity.

Reuters has a summary of foreign aid donations. Highlights

Hong Kong: $38 million from government, $4.3 million from The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Macau: $14.3 million from government

Taiwan: $6,450 from President-elect Ma Ying-jeou. $43 million from companies including Formosa Plastics and Hon Hai, and entrepreneurs. Government has offered to send a 58-person search and rescue team;

United States: $500,000 as an “initial contribution”

Japan: $4.8 million.

Russia: Sent in first batch of international aid to reach China; a transport plane carrying 30 tonnes of relief material arrived in Chengdu on Wednesday.

Extended list at Reuters.

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