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A Glimmer Of Normalcy Returns To Hubei

Rice being packaged in Dangyang, Hubei Province on March 22, 2020. Photo credit: Xinhua/Cheng Min

LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS IN Hubei province have started to be lifted with limited outbound travel connections being established. The same will happen for Wuhan on April 8, officials say, another indication that authorities believe the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak has passed.

The past week has brought only one new recorded case in Wuhan, which has been in quarantine since the middle of January. (Asymptomatic cases are no longer being reported in the numbers.)

Medical teams drafted into Hubei from other provinces to help combat the outbreak are starting to return home and large-scale industry to resume work. Spring planting has commenced in rural areas, and a limited number of the province’s tourist attractions are reopening, too, albeit with strict infection control measures in place.

Managing the pace of the return to some sort of normalcy will be critical to preventing a renewed wave of community transmissions of the infection.

Update: Authorities have imposed a ban on incoming travellers to the country to mitigate the risk of imported Covid-19 infections, which are now the main source of new cases.

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