China Announces Military Exercises Close To Taiwan After Pelosi Lands

Map issued by China showing sites of military exercises off Taiwan to be held August 4-7, 2022. Source: Xinhua

US HOUSE SPEAKER Nancy Pelosi has landed in Taiwan, the most senior US politician to visit since 1997.

China has announced military exercises, including live-fire drills in six areas close to the island from Thursday to next Monday (see map above). All appear to be within Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone, and several are in what the United States would consider international waters (the Taiwan Strait) and Taipei its territorial waters.

China has ordered all vessels and aircraft not to enter the six areas where it will conduct its military exercises. The United States will have to respond to this assertion of sovereignty.

The foreign ministry has again condemned the visit, calling it a serious violation of the One-China principle. Economic sanctions have also been imposed on Taiwanese food exports to the mainland.



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