US Senate Passes Industrial Policy Bill To Compete With China

US POLITICIANS CANNOT agree on much, but they can agree on the United States’ need to compete with China In technology.

The US Senate has passed a bill with bipartisan support that allocates $250 billion to advance US development in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and semiconductors, three priority areas of Beijing’s own push for indigenous tech development.

A parallel bill will be debated in the House of Representatives and the two pieces of legislation reconciled before it can become law.

The legislative initiative represents the most sweeping industrial policy from Washington in decades.

The Senate bill also contains measures that will limit US public procurement of Chinese tech products such as drones and bar federal employees from downloading apps such as TikTok. It also will enable sanctions against Chinese organisations engaged in cyber attacks against the United States or the theft of US intellectual property.

DiscussionS over the House version of the bill could be more contentious with Democrats wanting to sharpen measures to address accusations of human rights abuses by China and Republicans wanting more spending to be directed to countering China’s growing investment in military technology.

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