China Reports First Day Of No New Covid-19 Case In Wuhan

IT IS A milestone in the long journey to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Wuhan and Hubei, the epicentre of the global pandemic, had their first day since January with no new reported cases of Covid-19, the National Health Commission has said.

That is not to say that there are not more cases to come. Imported cases remain a threat, as will be over-rapid relaxation of disease-suppression strategies and an inevitable ‘second wave’ of the disease later in the year or early next.

It will take a couple of weeks free of new cases from local transmission to be able to say the worst is passed for now.

Meanwhile, there can be no let-up in the search for a vaccine and treatment, or in dealing with the economic effects of a pandemic that is poleaxing the global economy.

Separately, the findings of the National Supervisory Commission investigation into Dr Li Wenlian, the Wuhan doctor who was detained by police after first warning of the outbreak and whose subsequent death from the disease created an uproar on social media, have determined he died from occupation injuries but do little more than wag a finger at the policing that led to his reprimand.

The investigators have suggested that local supervisory authorities look into the issuance of the reprimand letter to Li, which was inappropriate and failed to respect relevant law enforcement procedures, and urge police to revoke the letter and hold those responsible accountable and release the results in a timely manner.

Cue the sound of the buck stopping.

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