US Congress Support For Hong Kong Still Needs Trump’s Approval

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has acquired another joker for his pack of US-China trade deal cards.

The US Senate has passed a bill that would require the US administration to attest each year to Hong Kong’s special status, much as it has to regarding whether China is a currency manipulator or not.

Notably, the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act mandates the US Department of Commerce to determine annually whether “Hong Kong is sufficiently autonomous from China to justify its unique treatment {by the United States}” and whether China is using Hong Kong to evade U.S. export controls and sanctions.

If such confirmations are not forthcoming, it could lead to the loss of Hong Kong’s special trade status with the United States. In turn, that would make Hong Kong exports subject to US tariffs on Chinese goods.

An annual review would also increase the level of uncertainty for businesses there for as long as US-China relations remain politically fraught.

The House of Representative moved similar legislation earlier. Both bills passed on a voice vote, as they were considered uncontentious.

After the two bills are reconciled into a unified version, they will still require the president’s signature to become law.

Beijing has condemned the legislation and urged the Trump administration to block it. Whether Trump does or not will turn more on the state of the US-China trade negotiations than it will on the state of the evermore violent protests in Hong Kong.


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