Gu Kailai Trial Closes

We said it would be swift. It was. Gu Kailai’s trial for the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood opened and closed within a day. A court official, reading from a statement outside the court, said that the wife of disgraced politician Bo Xilai did not contest the charge. He also said that it was Gu who poured the fatal poison into Heywood’s mouth. Her motive was said to be that she feared for the safety of her son in a dispute between Heywood over money. State media has a detailed account of the prosecutor’s case here.

The next step will be the announcement of the date of the verdict. Gu and family employee, Zhang Xiaojun, who was also charged in connection with Heywood’s death, both potentially face the death penalty. The emergence of a protection of her son line of defense may point to some clemency.

State media also report that four police officers would go on trial on Friday, accused of trying to protect Ms Gu from prosecution. All the loose ends are being neatly tied off.



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