The Mystery Of Kim Jong Un’s Mystery Woman

North Korea’s First Ladies are rare birds. A recorded sighting of Kim Ok in Nanjing last year accompanying the late Kim Jong Il on a trip to China caused quite a stir. Now the Dear Leader’s son and successor, Kim Jong Un, has been spotted in close public proximity to an elegantly dressed young mystery woman (above). Is it his wife? There have been rumours since last year that Kim had married a graduate of the elite Kim Il-sung University. Or is she his personal assistant, as Kim Ok started out with Kim Jong Il? A paramour? South Korean press have speculated she might be Hyon Song-wol, a well-known opera singer, who also happens to be married and dropped out of public sight in 2006. Or even Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Yong, though South Korean press say the sister and the woman have been seen together. Yet so little do we on the outside know about the Hermit Kingdom that we have no real clue.


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