More Grit In The China, Pakistan, U.S. Relationship

Chinese military engineers were allowed by Pakistan’s intelligence services to inspect part of the U.S.’s advanced ‘stealth’ helicopter that crashed during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, according to the Financial Times. The report says that the engineers were able to photograph the helicopter’s tail, which came down outside bin Laden’s compound and thus couldn’t be preemptively destroyed by the U.S. Navy Seals conducting the raid, and to take samples of the stealth paint that makes such aircraft invisible to radar. (China is developing a stealth fighter of its own.) This latest incident will only deepen the U.S. military establishment’s concern about China’s military modernization, its anger about the co-operation it believes Pakistan’s intelligence services give to the Taliban forces it is fighting in Afghanistan, and it’s frustration at a supposed ally that is trying to play off the support of Washington against that of Beijing, a balancing act that doesn’t sit particularly comfortably in Beijing, either.

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