Two More Rail Officials Said Snagged In Corruption Probe

The corruption investigation into China’s railways has reportedly snared two more senior officials. Caixin says that Shao Liping, chief of the Nanchang Railways Bureau Chief, and Lin Fenqiang, his counterpart at the Hohhot Railways Bureau, have been detained by authorities for questioning and removed from their posts.

What remains to be seen is whether Shao and Lin are connected to Liu Zhijun, the former rail minister who was the driving force behind the rapid expansion of China’s high-speed rail network and who was sacked in February, the first domino to fall as a result of the corruption probe. Liu is still under investigation, according to a senior Party official from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, as safety concerns about the high-speed lines persist.



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4 responses to “Two More Rail Officials Said Snagged In Corruption Probe

  1. 3 if you count the deputy chief at Hohhot too – 刘志军案后续:3名地方铁路局局长被查

  2. Thanks for the update — CB

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