Yangtze River Drought Reaches Shanghai

The lingering drought in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze, the worst in half a century, has reached Shanghai with officials saying that local reservoirs can barely meet demand and that saltwater is getting into freshwater acquirers as is common in times of drought as tides flow higher up river. City officials have promised that power cuts will not affect domestic consumers though some factories and stores have been told they may have to shut down during the hottest days of the summer to limit demand and that the customary power cuts will be more severe than usual. The Yangtze delta is home to 400 million people and 40% of the country’s economic activity.


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3 responses to “Yangtze River Drought Reaches Shanghai

  1. This issue is going to keep returning to the headlines with more frequency unless things improve, which they could if China straightened out its bureaucracy.

    This is a good video on the topic of the water situation in China. The speaker is Richard Hardiman, who used to be responsible for the EU-China River Basin Management Programme :

  2. There is an useful Q&A here on the extent to which the Three Gorges Dam is responsible for the drought. — CB

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