Hundreds Of Quakes Continue To Jolt Asia

Two 7.0 magnitude earthquakes struck northeastern Myanmar within a minute of each other today (the red box on the map above), not too far from the area in southwestern China hit by a 5.8 magnitude quake on March 10 which has left at least 26 dead in Yunnan. There are no reports yet of casualties or damage from the latest quakes, which occurred in a sparsely populated and remote part of Myanmar (see update below).

Meanwhile, aftershocks continue in Japan in the wake of the devastating 9.0 Sendai quake. The map above, which is from the United States Geological Survey, shows quite how seismically active Asia is right now. It plots all earthquakes of greater than 2.5 magnitude in the past week. There have been 236 of them.

Update: Xinhua says that more than 6,500 people in parts of Yunnan bordering Myanmar have been affected by the quakes in Myanmar, though there are no reports of serious injury. As of midday Friday, the quakes had left a reported 74 dead and at least 111 injured in Myanmar itself.


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