China Raises Banks’ Reserve Ratios Again As Inflation Persists

Persisting inflation has led China’s central bank to raise bank’s required capital reserves for the third time this year. Reserve requirements will increase by half a percentage point effective March 25th, the People’s Bank of China has announced, taking them to 20% for the country’s largest banks though some get customized reserve requirements that push their ratio above that.

Coming as it does so soon after the Sendai earthquake and tsunami suggests that inflation is still regarded as a bigger threat by China’s policymakers than a slowdown in growth that the devastation in Japan might cause, even as the central bank struggles to mop up the excess liquidity in the economy. This Bystander believes that the March figures may show inflation kicking 6% year-on-year, and that another round of interest-rate increases, which would be the fourth since October, won’t be long in coming.

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