The 3% Skim Off China’s 2 Trillion Yuan High-Speed Rail Network

The web of corruption surrounding disgraced former railways minister Liu Zhijun was widespread and drew in equipment suppliers and middle- and high-level officials, Caixin reports. The publication also says that Ding Shumiao, the businesswoman whose own corruption investigation led to the detention of Liu, skimmed off at least 800 million yuan ($122 million) in kickbacks from railway equipment supply contracts as a result of her connection of Liu.

It says that the practice of companies giving middlemen, such as Ding, a “commission fee” for help in winning contract bids was commonplace. It quotes one such arrangement in which “a large state-owned company gave Ding Shumiao…about 100 million yuan.” The fee would have been routed via a private sub-contractor and was said to be 3% of the total value of the project. Given that China is spending 2 trillion yuan on developing its high-speed rail network that works out at potentially a sizable chunk of change going to commission fees.

Update: Caixin has posted an English translation of its investigation.


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