Two Tips Of Our Titfer

Every writer, we assume, reads a piece now and then that makes them say, that was exactly what I was trying to say but this piece says it so much more concisely and elegantly. This Bystander came across just such a piece today, by the FT’s Philip Stephens on why China’s assertiveness is driving its neighbors towards the U.S. It is not just that he agrees with our long-standing analysis, it is the way he says it.

Damn you, Philip Stephens, as the American satirist John Stewart might say. Which leads to our second tip of the titfer, to, a Sino-centric hybrid spoof of Stewart’s mock news program and the unrelated American satirical newspaper, The Onion. It might seem that Xinhua and the China Daily are beyond spoofing, but manages it. Japan halts porn exports to China over Diaoyu controversy. China’s top political advisory body holds seminar on improving its function. Only one of those is fake. And, admit it, you had to think twice before cheating by mousing over the links.

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