Hainan Floods Claim First Victim

The flooding on Hainan following the heaviest rains on the island in 40 years has turned deadly. Authorities say one fisherman has lost his life and three others are missing, with more than 210,000 people now evacuated from 1,160 inundated villages. An extensive rescue operation is underway. Flood damage, including to the fishing fleet, is extensive. Meanwhile, efforts continue to deal with the threat of a potential dam collapse in the provincial capital Haikou. And  as we have written so many times this year, more rain is in the forecast.


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3 responses to “Hainan Floods Claim First Victim

  1. I am here in Haikou and it is still raining….

    We had some flooding in our street this morning but it has gone down in most places.

    • chinabystander

      Thanks for updating us. We are seeing photographs of shin-deep water in the streets of Haikou today. Have levels fallen below that? Also, were you affected by the burst reservoir? Forecast is for rain until Monday. Stay safe and dry. — CB

  2. Flooding had pretty much abated in my part of town (Haidian Dao) by this afternoon. I had heard about the reservoir but haven’t seen any effects over here. Thanks for your concern!

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