Floods Now Inundate Hainan

A last hurrah for the rains and floods that have devastated so much of China this year? Some 65,000 people have been evacuated from their homes on Hainan as floods inundated more than 500 villages on the island that is the country’s southernmost province. At least two people are reported missing. Communications have been cut to some parts of the island with at least one highway reported impassable because of the floods and ferry services to the island disrupted. Rescue operations to reach 6,000 people stranded by the floodwaters are underway.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Hainan&iid=9254181″ src=”http://view2.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/9254181/china-sanya-surfing/china-sanya-surfing.jpg?size=500&imageId=9254181″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

The direct damage to farmland is put at a relatively modest 18 million yuan ($2.7 million) with 2,260 hectares of crops destroyed and a further 7,420 hectares damaged, according to provincial officials. but the total economic damage is likely to be at least twice that. Hainan is a tourist destination. The picture, above, shows surfers off the beach at the resort town of Sanya earlier this year, when water was enjoyable. This is now peak travel season around the National Day holidays. Visitor numbers are down by a half this year.


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