China Frees Three Of Four Detained Japanese

China has released three of the four Japanese arrested at the height of the fishing trawler dispute and accused of entering a military facility in Hebei. Xinhua reports that the three admitted to having broken Chinese law. The fourth, Sada Takahashi, is still under investigation for videotaping military targets. He remains under house arrest. The four work for a Tokyo construction company which says said they had been preparing a bid to dispose of World War II-era chemical weapons.

The releases match the pattern of fishing trawler incident, with Japan having initially released the crew but keeping the captain under arrest. That incident brought Sino-Japanese relations to a low ebb and the manner in which China is dealing with these latest releases suggests that it is in no hurry to better them. If Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu’s latest comments are anything to go buy, Beijing sees the impetus being on Tokyo to improve them.


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2 responses to “China Frees Three Of Four Detained Japanese

  1. “The authorities have taken measures against the four people according to law after receiving a report about their illegal activities, according to a statement of the authorities. ”

    Any news on what these measures are?

    • The three who were released are now back in Tokyo having admitted their guilt though exactly to what we don’t know for sure. The fourth, who is still being investigated, is apparently the one who was actually doing the filming. He potentially faces espionage charges if the Chinese authorities push this to the limit. — CB

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