China’s Bid For 2026 FIFA World Cup

China has indicated that it is considering a bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Problem is that four Asian countries — Australia, Japan, Qatar and South Korea — are bidding for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. If one is successful that would make a 2026 bid from the same region highly unlikely to succeed given FIFA’s policy of rotating its flagship tournament around the globe.

The Chinese Football Association has seen the success and international good will that South Africa has gained from hosting the tournament.  Despite China’s relatively low ranking among footballing nations (it has only once made the finals, in 2002, and currently ranks 78th on FIFA’s global ranking) and the corruption scandals that plague its domestic game, it thinks the same South African gloss could rub off on China.

Even though China has already staged an Olympics, FIFA will have to make the same judgement it made in awarding the United States the World Cup in 1994. When is the right moment to endorse a world power that is not also yet a footballing one?

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