Map Of Flooding in Eastern And Southern China

The International Red Cross has published a map of the provinces most affected by the flooding caused by the rains of the past few weeks. Just about every one in the south and east. The thumbnail below clicks through to a .pdf version of the full sized map.

Official reports count at least 135 people dead and 41 missing in 11 provinces and municipalities mostly along the rain-swollen Yangtze River. Some 35.5 million people have been  affected by the adverse weather, with more than 1.2 million people relocated and 113,000 homes destroyed since the beginning of July. At least 281,3oo hectares (700,000 acres) of farmland lies devastated.

Since the beginning of the year, floods and landslides caused a total of 594 deaths in 26 provinces, with 212 people still missing, according to official figures. Direct economic losses are put at 120.2 billion yuan ($17.7 billion).


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