Harbin To Host Humanoid Robot Olympics

The sporting calendar is becoming crowded for humanoid robots. There is already not one but two football World Cups and a RoboGames. Now China is adding an Olympic games. Harbin will host these next June with more than 100 universities from 20 countries expected to send entrants in 16 events from athletics to the non-traditional Olympic event  of dancing (not on ice, we assume, but see below). The Harbin Institute of Technology has been chosen to hold the event because it already runs a renowned humanoid robot football team, China Daily says. Entry to the competition will be restricted to robots resembling humans. Two arms and legs are obligatory. No wheels. At least there will be no problems over the eligibility of athletes with artificial limbs or gender controversies.



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2 responses to “Harbin To Host Humanoid Robot Olympics

  1. Mei Xian

    What are the exact dates?

  2. chinabystander

    June 2010

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