Rio Four Formally Charged

The Rio Four have finally been formally arrested on charges of  infringing trade secrets and bribery, Xinhua reports. A statement from the Supreme People’s Procurate said prosecutors approved the arrest of the four Rio Tinto employees, that investigations had showed they obtained China’s commercial secrets through improper means and that there was evidence of bribery involved.

The four, Stern Hu, who is an Australian citizen, Liu Caikui, Ge Minqiang and Wang Yong, were detained in Shanghai in early July. Rio has said its employees did nothing “unethical” and did not bribe Chinese steel mills for information.

Given the prominence of the arrests, formal charges hardly come as a surprise, though this Bystander notes in passing that the four were not charged with the more serious crime of stealing state secrets, which carries a potential life sentence on conviction. Stealing commercial secrets, our learned friends advise us, carries a sentence of up to three years imprisonment and/or a fine.

What to watch for next is which executives of which Chinese steel companies get fingered.

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