Nanjing’s Not So Secret Espionage Museum

This Bystander loves this story, even though I suspect it falls into the too-good-to-be-true category: A new museum in Nanjing about spying is off-limits to foreigners. “We don’t want such sensitive spy information to be exposed to foreigners, so they are not allowed to enter,” a museum spokeswoman told the Associated Press.

Only Chinese are allowed inside the Jiangsu National Security Education Museum, which documents espionage practices and houses a collection of spy gadgetry going back to the Party’s early days in the 1920s, such as hollowed out coins for hiding documents and guns disguised as lipsticks. And no photography inside the building, either, not even if you have one of those miniature spy cameras that are on display.

All rather quaint in this era of GhostNet and other high-tech cyber espionage. But why have a public museum in the first place if you want to keep it secret?

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