Great Wall Measured

The Great Wall — the “long wall of 10,000 li” — is not immeasurable, after all. In February, a four-year survey of the wall, planned to be the first detailed mapping, was announced. The first outcome is a finding that the wall is 8,850 kilometers long, not around 5,000 kilometers as had been traditionally thought. That would make it the long wall of 17,700 li on the modern standard for a li, although 10,000 li is not a literal measurement, of course, even if 10,000 li is 5,000 kilometers.

BBC has a map including the newly discovered sections, snapshot of which:


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  1. It’s great how modern technology makes things like this possible. In these times it’s almost unimaginable not to know how big something like the Great Wall is.. Yet I do feel it takes some of the mysterie away..maybe I liked it better when I didn’t know exactly how long the Wall is.. 😉

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