Compensation For Melamine-Poisoned Babies Coming

A hint of compensation to come for families whose children were affected by melamine-tainted baby formula.

A Health ministry announcement of a four-month nationwide food safety campaign said that a compensation package for victims was being worked on,  China Daily reports. The government has formed a team to handle the compensation issue, consisting  of officials of several central government departments and led by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

The ministry also admitted that food-safety issues were endemic:

“The tainted-milk scandal shows illegal production of food products and the use of non-food substances are not isolated incidents. Instead, they are quite typical of the industry,” Vice-Minister of Health Chen Xiaohong said during a national teleconference in Beijing.

For those of you marking your dance cards, the food-safety campaign will have  three phases: From tomorrow to Jan 10, companies will be asked to conduct self-examination and correction. From January 11 to March 10, law enforcement officers will raid high-risk food producers or regions, and intensify random checks on markets. From March 11 to April 10, the focus will be on illegal food-additive producers and cutting off the supply of high-risk non-food substances.

We’ll see.

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