New Rail Line To Xinjiang To Be Built

A concrete infrastructure spending proposal: 120 billion yuan to build a 1,900 kilometer passenger rail line to from Gansu to Xinjiang, Xinhua repots. The new line will run parallel to the existing Lanxin railway, which will be turned over to freight exclusively, easing a bottleneck to the transport of Xinjiang’s oil, coal and cotton to the rest of China.

At present the Lanxin railway is the only line connecting the far west with the rest of China, running from Lanzhou to Urumqi and then on to the Kazakhstan border, following in part the path of the old Silk Road. Work on the new line will start next year, thought there is no indication of how long it will take. Xinhua also says that 100 billion yuan will be spent on improving roads in the region over the next five years.


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3 responses to “New Rail Line To Xinjiang To Be Built

  1. pug_ster

    Overall this will be good for China in the long term. Many of the Chinese imports to Europe is moved in their slower Russia’s Siberia Rail line in about 20 days. Hopefully, when this railline is built, it will be moved twice as fast.

  2. CB

    Agreed. The existing Lanxin line connects to the EurAsia land bridge so upgrading that will help westward exports.

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