Missing Melamine

The concerning thing about Cadbury’s recall of its chocolates made with milk tainted with melamine is that all of the dairy suppliers to Cadbury’s Beijing plant had earlier been given the all-clear by the Chinese testing. It was the company’s own tests that uncovered the traces of melamine, although the source and extent is not yet clear. ‘We have received results that cast doubt on the integrity of a range of our products manufactured in China,” the company said.

Cadbury has recalled 11 products sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.


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3 responses to “Missing Melamine

  1. This recall is just about enough! When are the American owned companies going to get a grip that taking the work force from the American people has not done anygood at all. The cheaper is not always the better. You get Cheap labor now you have to destroy tons and tons of product. These other countries can stop imports! SO why don’t we? We need to move jobs back here to America and stop all imports! We have made all of these other countries rich now look what they do. Most of all it is CHina that is trying to kill us but now they have killed some of their own..Hummmmmm I guess what goes around comes around China! The american people needs to take back AMERICA then every thing will get better all the way around.

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  3. It seems like there is a new product recall everyday. I am especially concerned about all the recalls on children’s toys and household products. I set up a personal file that alerts me to all product reviews and recalls. I also get a timely notice when one of my products has been recalled.

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