More Anti-Pollution Measures Readied For Beijing And Beyond

Contingency plans have been announced in the event that Beijing stays as hazy and humid once the Olympics start as it has been the past week.

More cars will be taken off the roads (those whose license plate’s last digit matches the last number of the date) and the alternate day system of car bans will be extended to Tianjin and four urban areas of Hebei, Xinhua says. More than 100 factories in the capital will shut down polluting production or close altogether. Coal-fired power plants and small scale steel mills in Tianjin and Hebei will have to cut production significantly. As we noted earlier (Cleaning Up Beijing’s Dirty Air), up to a third of Beijing’s pollution comes from nearby industrial towns.

The new measures will be put in to effect if air quality is forecast 48 hours ahead to fall short of acceptable standards.

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