More Natural Disasters Strike Southern China

The areas of southern, central and western China stuck by severe winter storms earlier in the year are now suffering from rainy season flooding.

At least 62 people are dead or missing and 1.3 million have been forced to flee from their homes, Xinhua says. The affected province include Sichuan still reeling from the devastating earthquake of May 12.

Throughout the affected regions flooding has submerged large areas of farmland as well as destroying thousands of homes. Many roads have been washed away or blocked by mudslides. Flooding in the Pearl river delta, home to so much manufacturing, is said to be the worst for 50 years.

The economic loss as already been put at 10 billion yuan ($1.45 billion), according to Xinhua, and this bound to push up food prices further.

The forecast calls for more torrential rain.

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One response to “More Natural Disasters Strike Southern China

  1. The timing of these natural disasters could not have been worse. With the looming Olympics, the earthquake, Tibet, I am sure China’s political leaders have their hands full

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