Pictures From Sichuan And Updated Situation Map

EastSouthWestNorth has an extensive set of pictures of the damage and human tragedy wreaked by the Sichuan earthquake. They are culled from a variety of sources, and there are a lot of them, more than 150 and rising. None is captioned. But I found their very anonymity along with their sheer number made this mute tribute to lives so unexpectedly shaken even more moving.

Here, too, is a snapshot of the latest situation map (.pdf) from ReliefWeb.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

With the death toll now passing 19,000, the first foreign aid workers will be arriving from Japan on Friday, the Japan International Cooperation Agency announced. The first of two squads that comprise a 60-strong rescue team set off from Tokyo’s Narita airport on Thursday evening.

Xinhua also reports that China is allowing Taiwan-based China Airlines to fly in relief material. An aircraft carrying supplies being given to the Red Cross Society of China was due to leave Taipei late Thursday afternoon for Chengdu. There are separate reports that 30 volunteers from Taiwan, including doctors and nurses, are helping rescue efforts.

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