Carrefour Searches Blocked By Censors

China’s Internet censors have blocked searches on the name Carrefour, China Tech News reports.

The French superstore chain that is one of the largest foreign retailers operating in China with sales of €3 billion ($4.6 billion) last year, was the target of anti-French demonstrations earlier this month in retaliation for pro-Tibet protests when the Olympic Torch was in Paris on April 7. China Tech News speculates the reason is that “there are many webpages in China recently that talk about Carrefour that contain subtle information about Sino-France relations, Tibet independence and other ‘illegal’ content”.

The chain has its staff in its Beijing stores don Beijing Olympics caps and T-shirts in a gesture of  goodwill, the China Daily reports. However, the games’ organising committee complained that the caps were for ‘commercial use’ and so infringed its copyright. The FT says that Carrefour is bracing for a further round of protests on May 1, though the authorities are likely to keep a firm lid on things getting out of hand.

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