Foreign Press Taken To Tibet

A group of Beijing-based foreign correspondents has been being escorted to Lhasa to report on the situation there, Xinhua reports. This 26-strong “international media delegation” includes representatives of the AP, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Russian, Japanese and Taiwanese news agencies, al-Jazeera and the South China Morning Post. TV media such as CNN and BBC appear to be absent from the officially organized three-day trip. What will be interesting is not so much what the delegation reports as how they report it.


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4 responses to “Foreign Press Taken To Tibet

  1. it’s a war of information.

    something that China guards jealously

  2. Miscel

    Will these jounalists see more then Wen did visiting homes of poor peasants ?

  3. Endo Last

    Truth is not what you see, but what you make others see, to paraphrase Degas.

  4. CB

    Miscel, government press tours are to show off what a government wants to show off.

    Endo, that is the art of propaganda. 🙂

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