Wen Springs No Surprises

Thin pickin’s in Prime Minister Wen Jiabao’s “state of the nation” address to the National People’s Congress.

Controlling inflation remains the no 1 economic issue, China is committed to continuing reforms and opening of its economy; tackling income inequality is the no 1 social priority, China is committed to continuing to crackdown on corruption, pollution and misgovernment. The Olympics are important.

The only policy takeaways: More tightening of monetary policy and a cut back in investment spending to control inflation is on the cards. But that’s hardly unexpected either.


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2 responses to “Wen Springs No Surprises

  1. Miscel

    Too bad too many policies Wen needs to implement will hurt his dear friends and family, and therefore can only be in print only.

  2. Zambian

    Before the Olympics, China needs to sort out its international standing. Its abuse of African resources and respect locals isn’t acceptable. The world will never respect its wealth.NEVER. The Americans are well ahead of this. Take a look at this article:
    Im sorry, but this is what makes me skeptical of Chinese. They need to learn to respect others and there rights. The world isn’t completely communist! At this rate, China will never beat the USA. USA rules, cause they are democratic.

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